Vibrant Cymbidiums are in season from NZ..

Journey of Cymbidiums from NZ…………….

Vibrant Cymbidiums are the Flag Ship crop of New Zealand flower growers and exporters. There had been a long history of Cymbidium growing in New Zealand with some limited colors white, green, pink and red in a traditional way.

For a long time, NZ  remains the alternate grower of cymbidiums to the world during Opposite Dutch Cymbidium Season but with very limited colors. Since last few years with increasing demand and competition against Dutch colors & varieties, we had seen tremendous growth and  experienced traditional growing transforming into a very professional & commercial growing with lots of add on in varieties and colors.

Behind this success, there is a lot of research, hard work and luck involved from the breeder’s side, thanks to them availing  us so beautiful and stunning flowers.

NZ export these flowers to Japan, USA, Europe, Ruccia  & Middle East countries.

Middle east countries are good importer of these cymbidiums, they are too pretty, vibrant and strong enough to sustain in summer in the middle east regions. we at Firenze flora import them into the Middle East since last 10 years and very much lovable among our high end clients. 

article by LS