Our Resources

Sourcing Network

Especially in the flower business where products are natural & seasonal, a strong procurement strength is highly desirable to maintain a high level of quality and supply reliability. with the challenging nature of products, our working modus operandi affects the entire supply chain. Hence we closely monitor and maintain all the supply sources in a very planned and organized manner. Our major import comes from below mentioned countries.

Holland   |   France  | Italy    | New Zealand. |   Australia  | Colombia  | Ecuador |  Peru |  Chile. | Malaysia |  Taiwan | Thailand | China | India | Egypt

Cool Chain Management

All of our cargos are being monitored continuously for cool chain management, we keep monitoring all our shipments on a random basis for temperature control and keep digital thermal equipment in the shipment to get the temperature travel history of the consignment.

Upon arrival, we clear all our flowers immediately and transport them by our temperature contra Trucks to our cold storag facility. Upon arrival, we check all the flowers for quality control and give them feeding and proper hydration treatment for freshness and longevity.

Cold Storage & Flower processing Facility

Flower processing and storage is also a challenging part of the flower business, we have developed & expanded our flower facility to store and process up to 600 Boxes of Fresh Cut Flowers at a time.  Upon arrival, we hydrate them and give proper nutrient suggested by grower/breeders and store according to temperature requirement. Our Storage & Logistic Centre is situated in Ras Al Khor 1, Dubai, It is at 10 minutes drive distance from Dubai Mall and 30 minutes from the mainland.

Logistic & Distribution

Our refrigerated cooling vehicles are the lifeline of our business, We have ten Distribution VANs roam around UAE and supply flowers to Flower shops, Hotels, Weddings & Event clients 12HRS x 6-day basis. However, direct supply from our main store workaround 14HRS x 7-day basis. We also do the deliveries round the clock for pre-orders and wedding clients. 



In order to facilitate our valued customers in better ways, we also have a centrally located sales office at Lamborghini Building (Opposite to First Gulf Metro Station), Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai UAE.

Product Range

Besides Fresh Cut Flowers, we also import floral foams and a good range of FLORAL Accessories, Dried Flowers, Preserved Roses and Indoor plants.

     For more info on Our product Range – Product Range


Our Client Network

At present, we serve over 350 clients on a daily basis in the entire U A E through our Sales Vans and Delivery Network. 



Our team is composed of purely flower professionals with experience of  5-20 years in various areas of the business and are highly specialized in their respective fields. 

Intellectual Property

Creation of the human mind ….  We strongly believe in creativity & innovation, our team knows how to create ideas and implement them into our work with the use of technology. We are well versed with all the modern tools of the trade and using them with high efficiency.


OUTLETS- Showcasing our products.

Our Design division also runs some outlets to showcase our products and serve to some specific segment of the clients mainly where designing skill is involved. We sell signature florals through this division.