About Us


In the year 2009, upon completion of a long successful journey in many Global ventures & huge collective experience over  25 years in various business process of the flower industry, A team of professionals came together & aimed to form a proper flower professional company where they can implement their knowledge, unparalleled skills & professionalism. This is how the company “Firenze Flora” was formed.

Firenze Flora started as an LLC firm in the Emirates of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates with a vision of Import & wholesale of Exclusive range of Fresh Cut Flowers, Floral Accessories & Indoor Natural plants from the best sources all around the world.

Over the years, our company has grown to become a leading Flower wholesale company in the United Arab Emirates & the Middle East region, at present our import approach has been reached over 15 countries & developed a client network of over 350 clients made up of quality composition of Flower Boutiques, Flower Shops, Five Star Hotels, Wedding & Event planning companies, Palaces & corporate houses. We are a preferred choice of high-class wedding and event planners due to our deep knowledge & professionalism. We are capable to handle any requirement of our clients not only in UAE but in the entire Middle East region.

Knowing the fact, the supply chain is the lifeline of any business, especially, when it comes to Fresh flowers due to perishable nature, cool chain management & logistic complications make it more challenging than any other business. Our procurement & logistic team understands intensity & works round the clock to make it happen. Our management monitor and work hard in this direction with the same intensity, continuous monitoring & proactive measures are a very important part of our strategy & business process.

In order to maintain product range & secure, uninterrupted supplies round the year, we have developed an extensive network of growers & suppliers in the best flower producing countries across the globe.  We import our Fresh Cut Flowers from Holland   |   France  | Italy    | New Zealand. |   Australia  | Colombia  | Ecuador |  Peru |  Chile. | Malaysia |  Taiwan | Thailand | China | India and a few more making it over 15 countries. The majority of our products come from the Netherlands, New Zealand, South America & African region, however, we import from many more countries according to seasonal requirement.


To receive a supreme quality with the freshness of our Flowers, we plan our buying and flight schedule carefully, so Flower arrives at us within a minimum time frame. In this whole process, we maintain a COOL CHAIN SYSTEM and use data recorders in our random shipments to monitor the temperature during the entire travel & transit of the Cargo. We try to clear all of our Flowers upon arrival and Hydrate and feed them for Freshness & longevity, so our customer can enjoy their freshness and beauty for a longer time. During the delivery process also, we fully observe & follow quality checks & the COOL CHAIN System.

All of our flowers are stored in our modern & sophisticated cold storage facility according to their temperature requirement and transported by all the refrigerated VANS at all times. This is how we are able to achieve a very high level of customer satisfaction with great quality & freshness.

Why to choose us.

Since 2009, we have achieved a good level of success and grown our network up to 800+ clients in our portfolio. The quality of our Fresh Cut Flowers & Floral products with a world-class service has reached far beyond the average of the flower distribution company in the Middle East. Our customer effort score is above 95% on the basis of qualitative analysis and surveys we conducted in the past few years.

Reaching this level of achievement is not usual in any business, there has been a lot of hard work & thought process involved in this entire journey;

Proven Thought Leadership – Over these years of innovation, we had been implementing & enforcing the use of the latest technologies and innovation at every level of our business process.

Delivering Tangible Business Benefits-We are always eager to give tangible benefits to our clients by improving our productivity through deep involvement, effectiveness, rapid adaptability & reducing cost in non-productive areas.

Credible team, Products & Clients– Our resources include practical, actionable tools & techniques from our team’s experience of over 20 years working with many numbers of companies at the Global level.

Delivering World-class Products & services– Our highly experienced team is capable to deliver our world-class quality Fresh Cut Flowers  & Floral products to our clients.

Teamwork & Compatibility – Our team is composed of purely Flower professionals who are highly experienced and have a well-proven record in the past, so it makes us the most compatible team among our customer network.


In the year 2010, with growing business and emerging demand for signature floral & floral designing services, we also groomed a flower designing division and diversified our business in both lines by creating two separate divisions of the respective business. 


Wholesale Division sources various products besides FRESH CUT FLOWERS & INFINITY ROSES from the pioneers worldwide with a great reputation in their respective fields. The product profile of our Trading Division includes; Floral Accessories, Floral Foam, Floral Food, Floral Tape, Floral Tools, Rafia, Wrapping Paper, Designer Glass Vases, Flower Pots, Metallic, Bridal Bouquet Holders, Floral Vases & Planters.


The only place for SIGNATURE Floral Arrangement, design & Decor where we craft our signature designs with high aesthetic floral sense with an exclusive supreme collection of flowers & colors. Our prestigious wedding & event clients are flourishing us by enjoying our floral creation & services in their luxury & high-Class events. To have an idea of our floral designing work, please visit http://www.firenzeflora.com Or http://www.instagram.com/firenzeflora/

Subsidiaries & Associates

We have our own branches, subsidiaries & associates in the entire Middle East region, and are capable to serve any client throughout the Middle East in a similar capacity. A wide developing procurement network and our associates are contributing major roles in our business expansion & growth.


Our mission is critical to your success. Your success is mission-critical!

One Mission, our ultimate aim is to deliver world-class Fresh Cut Flowers, Floral product, and services through dedication, teamwork, integrated management & continuous learning. 


The Pioneer Years. Our History begins in the year 2009, A team of professionals over 20 years global experience in the Fresh Cut Flower Industry, founded Firenze Flora with a vision of availing exceptional Quality of Fresh Cut Flowers from best-producing countries around the globe. 

Ethics we trust

We are committed to offering the highest level of products and flower designing services to our valuable clients. Quality, reliability, work efficiency, prompt response, and customer satisfaction is our ultimate aim.

Flow and Visualization

Global Standards of Service – All our staffs are fully trained in the respective areas and have rigid supervisory checks to ensure quality. Proper guidance, Continuous Learning, and assessment at every stage are the key factors in the work process.


Laxman Singh [ General Director ]

R.S. Butola [ Head of Operations ]

Sanjay Bahuguna [ Head of Marketing ]

Julianito E Cusi [ Creative Manager ]

J. S. Negi [ Sales Manager ]

Sandeep N [ Sales Manager ]

Shailza LS [ Director ]

Aarpan Khadka [ Overseas OPS ]